George Foreman Reveals Surprising Fact On Joe Frazier and Ken Norton

joe frazier and ken norton

Joe Frazier and Ken Norton – Legends of the Ring

Boxing is one of those sports that leads itself to heated rivalries and grudges more easily than others for obvious reasons.

It is combat at the end of the day but a gentleman’s sport and the noble art at its best.

A sport where these brave warriors face their fears by stepping between the ropes and put it all in the line for entertainment of mere mortals like ourselves in the general public.

Rivals form and ultimately compete against one another to find out who the best is but sometimes, although rare, fighters won’t actually fight out of friendship.

It is very rare in today’s boxing business that one would hear of something like that but back in the day according to former heavyweight champion George Foreman spoke of how two of boxing’s notable heavyweights of his time did just that.

Speaking on Joe Frazier and Ken Norton Foreman said:

What a fight it would have been though.

Two awesome heavyweights of their day. No doubt about it.

As for today’s times enjoy the action this weekend folks as more boxing returns to screens tonight.

In the meantime here’s a look back on Norton and Frazier’s legendary time in the sport:


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