Mike Tyson Video Shows Monster Shape Ahead Of Roy Jones Bout

Mike Tyson Video Shows Monster Shape Ahead Of Roy Jones Bout

Mike Tyson video gets people talking

Former heavyweight champions Mike Tyson and Roy Jones are a little more than just a month out from their exhibition now.

On September 12th they’ll step into the ring with one another in a bout that has intrigued people for various reasons.

No one really knows what to expect from it in fairness.

Will either through heavy leather or what happens if something goes wrong and Tyson looks for a knockout and forgets it is an exhibition.

It’s an almost primal fascination with this event if nothing else.

Ahead of the bout Tyson has shown he is taking the training serious on his part in his latest video:

New Mike Tyson video via Fight Hype YouTube

Obviously this exhibition is for entertainment purposes but one would hope that all the relevant health precautions are being done by the powers that be for this.

No one would like to see either legend of the ring risk their health at this stage of their lives.

The price is fifty bucks and if nothing else it should make both guys some decent money.

It should also drum up some decent noise for boxing as a whole with casual sports fans too.


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