Natasha Jonas vs Terri Harper hits the spot for fight fans

Natasha Jonas vs Terri Harper proved to be one of the great adverts not only for modern women’s boxing as a sport but also a superb aid in boxing’s return.

This year has been a challenging year for obvious reasons for the world.

The sport of boxing has been hit particularly hard as an industry.

I thought fans would have wanted sports much more after the break from live action this year.

However boxing like many live sports will need to be built up again in the correct manner moving forward.

Efforts in recent weeks have been encouraging in this task but things I sense are moving again in the last couple of weeks in particular.

Tonight in promoter Eddie Hearn’s back yard in London, England — Natasha Jonas vs Terri Harper got the ball rolling for women’s boxing again.

A fight that ended in a draw but one that set the boxing world on fire.

Here’s some of the reaction thus far from notable women boxers as well as the larger fight fraternity as a whole:

Credit to both women on an exemplary showing for women’s boxing and the entire sport of boxing tonight.

Very good.

The wheel always turn and God is always good. Boxing coming back bit by bit, nice to see.

One of the sport’s great ambassadors put it well today I thought:

More of this positive stuff for the sport is required and indeed society at large.

Big Wlad is spot on above.

More positive promotion for the sport of boxing continues to be required at this time.

With fight’s like tonight boxing is well on its way again.

Some great action to look forward to in the coming weeks and this weekend in boxing.


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