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Roy Jones Reacts To Antonio Tarver Comments Ahead Of Mike Tyson Fight

Roy Jones reacts to Tarver ahead of Tyson battle

With boxing slowly but surely coming back to life the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones exhibition next month has added to the mix nicely in some ways.

Sure, you’ll get many insignificant critics that probably don’t have a genuine bone in their body giving out about it.

At the end of the day it is entertainment and two legends of the ring who want to earn some money so fair play to them.

It will also drum up good exposure for the sport again after some terrible viewing numbers in various quarters recently.

We’ll be watching closely to see some of the numbers this does but you’d have to expect with the names alone of Jones and Tyson that they will be big.

This only helps boxing.

Ahead of the fight old Jones foe Antonio Tarver had some comments about the fight that Jones in his latest interview has now responded to among other things.

Roy Jones reacts to Antonio Tarver and morehat tip Fight Hype YouTube:

The exhibition is scheduled for next month on September 12th in California.

As for the sly, snaky cynics knocking it, I would suggest for them to keep their mouths shut, think twice and carefully.

There’s enough bull and cynicism already in the world at the moment.

God knows without my faith I would been done with life earlier this year.

Take this event for what it bloody is. See the positives of it.

A big night involving two huge names in boxing that will help drum up some interest for the sport again.

Moreover, during a time where boxing needs help with this too.

Too much s*** at the moment where some of these promoters are getting more famous than the boxers.

This Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones event puts boxers names back out there to the general population if nothing else.

Carry on.


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