Floyd Mayweather Shows Gervonta Davis Secret Moves For Santa Cruz

Floyd Mayweather Shows Gervonta Davis Secret Moves To Beat Leo Santa Cruz

Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis appear to be back on good terms for some time now following a minor fallout.

These things happen in work and in life between business partners and friends.

Indeed in any relationship in life.

The best and real ones always stand the test of time however.

It would appear Gervonta Davis is not going anywhere in terms of his loyalty to Mayweather and his promotional company.

Why would he either?

Despite the turmoil that has prevailed this year in the world and particularly for the sport of boxing Davis has landed a great fight somehow.

He’ll take on Mexican boxing star Leo Santa Cruz next up on October 24th.

Ahead of the bout his boss turned trainer Floyd Mayweather has been showing him some tricks of the trade to beat him too.

Here’s the full footage via Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip).

Floyd Mayweather Shows Gervonta Davis old school moves on the pads:

Very nice changing of angles, not boxing in a rhythm, switching the levels at times in terms of up jabs — to mid — to body jabs and more.

Also it was good to see Floyd pushing him back making him box on his back foot but also then quickly switching up at times to encouraging Davis to come forward.

Simultaneously creating the dynamic mentality at times mid fight to need to be able to go from the pocket to pressing the action.

Floyd was always very good at never boxing in a rhythm and good to see this being passed on.

Overall, nice to see the knowledge of someone with a boxing IQ like Mayweather teaching it to the next generation.

Excellent stuff. What a fight ahead it is in store with Leo Santa Cruz too.

A real quality fight to look forward to.

Davis currently holds a professional boxing record of 23-0-22 KO.

Santa Cruz’ pro resume at this time reads 37-1-1-19 KO.

As for the world situation at the moment, continue to do the right things folks by washing the old hands, keeping the distance and wearing the old mask.

Keep helping one another as best you can.

God is good. This will pass eventually. No doubt.

As for boxing, look forward in the coming weeks to the sport continuing to get back on its feet more and more.


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