Watch: Prince Naseem Hamed’s 2 Sons Spar Kell Brook

Prince Naseem Hamed's 2 Sons Spar Kell Brook

Many will be familiar with the name of Prince Naseem Hamed in boxing.

One of the most controversial, entertaining and explosive lighter division weight boxers of his generation in the 90’s.

One of the most successful too it should be said.

A polarizing figure in the sport who set the world ablaze with his theatrical ring entrances only matched by his devastating knockout fists in the ring.

This documentary Little Prince Big Fight certainly a good watch before his fight with Mexican boxing legend Marco Antonio Barrera:

These days the Sheffield man pops up now and then every so often on UK television and media around the big fights.

Largely he is away from the spot light nowadays however.

He has two sons though who are getting more and more into the lime light and are having a go at boxing themselves.

This footage shown via trainer Brendan Ingle posted by Michael Benson shows the two sparring with well known pro boxers Kell Brook and Liam Williams:

No doubt their father will be on hand to advise in any budding careers in the years ahead.

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