Oscar De La Hoya Pulls No Punches With Ryan Garcia’s Next Fight

Oscar De La Hoya Pulls No Punches With Ryan Garcia's Next Fight

In a week where more and more activity appears to be coming back to boxing, thankfully, another solid fight is up for debate.

Former world champion turned promoter Oscar De La Hoya is attempting to make a fight with his prized young star Ryan Garcia and the UK’s Luke Campbell.

An excellent match up if it can get done in fairness.

De La Hoya has taken things to social media to spark some interest, which, he has succeeded in doing:

21-year-old Garcia (20-0-17 KO) last fought in February winning by knockout over Francisco Fonseca.

32-year-old Campbell (20-3-16 KO) last fought in August of last year dropping a unanimous points decision only to Ukrainian pound for pound maestro Vasiliy Lomachenko.

A rebound fight for Campbell in the form of Garcia no doubt would be a risk but as it’s said, fortune favors the brave.

What a fight it would be.

While De La Hoya and Garcia might appear to be too brash and confident in this pursuit, that’s boxing.

That’s life.

Fortune favors the brave and strong.

Oftentimes the weak or jealous will label the strong as those with big egos or being overconfident.

As oftentimes they are jealous or cannot understand the genuine belief of the strong, as their almost subtlety fraudulent way to try to garner an insult at the object of their desire.

Era people caring enough to try to change your thinking is flattering in fairness 🙂

Never to help from a genuine place, though. Only to control. Doesn’t work though.

All humans have an ego but once you control it by submitting to God the rest is a cake walk. It really is.

Just be yourself and with respect, who honestly gives a damn what anyone outside your close circle think if they don’t like it.

Isn’t a funny, the truth, people are truly powerless over one in the end.

The balance of following God with confidence, strength and humility one of life’s great things when up and running.

Always listen to yourself first and trust yourself first. Bottom line and end of story.

Sure, boxing trash talk and fights are getting made more and more on social media but that’s just the way it is.

Alas, this is the fight business anyway — such as life — which is an everyday battle ground.

Fighting to the death with strength and humility essential in both endeavors.

Expect the social media battle lines between the two above combatants to heat up in due course.

What a fight it would be if it can be done, please God.

If not, oh well, it won’t be the end of the world.

Expect both either way to be back in the ring regardless in the coming months provided their network issues can be sorted out amid the current world situation.

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