Danny Garcia’s Father Already Losing The Plot With Errol Spence

Danny Garcia's Father Already Losing The Plot With Errol Spence

Ah yes, Angel Garcia.

Its been a while.

The father and trainer to welterweight star Danny Garcia is synonymous not only with being a successful trainer to his son first off.

That being on a serious, legit note.

But also one of the most colorful characters in boxing.

If Shakespeare said that the world is a stage and the men and women in it are merely players, well, in boxing Angel Garcia is certainly one of the more entertaining actors.

Always on hand to give his son’s fights extra promotion — with 32-year-old son Danny (36-2-21 KO) being the introverted of the two — pops knows how to sell a fight in fairness.

That much is true if nothing else.

Speaking following the announcement of his son’s fight with welterweight kingpin Errol Spence on November 21st — Angel Garcia is already gone off on one.

And then some:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

Good stuff.

Expect plenty more ahead of the fight on November, mind you.

Errol Spence like Danny Garcia tends to do his talking in the ring with his fists so perhaps someone from team Spence will step up to add another charismatic loud mouth to this mix.

30-year-old Spence (26-0-21 KO) last fought in September of last year scoring a split decision victory over a very spirited Shawn Porter.

Following the fight Spence was involved in a near fatal car accident and has been in recovery since.

Major health scares can take some time to recover from, without doubt, but Spence surely has the right people around him who know that November will not be too early and will have given him enough time.

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