Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia Confirmed and Made Official

Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia Confirmed and Made Official

Ah yes, great news that had been touted for a while has now been made official by one of the fighters involved.

Errol Spence Jr will take on Danny Garcia in an awesome fight for the sport of boxing.

Here’s the details from Spence’s official Twitter account:

Excellent and very positive in fairness.

Something to really look forward to later in the year as the sport continues to get back on its feet more and more.

What a fight.

Boxing is really fighting back now and with the action from Top Rank in Vegas recently and in the UK this weekend, things are moving again.

On a quick travel note, all is well. Still deciding on a few things on this Budapest/Hungary place.

One of our sport’s strongest sons Terence Crawford made a good point this week.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and when someone, anyone, negative or toxic people alike, mess with the wrong guy in life, that’s just something you don’t do. That type of reaction can be quite a thing.

Great quote from Crawford this week, a fight with him and Spence at some point wouldn’t go astray either:

We shall see. Discernment time. Time to consult the wise men perhaps.

God is good.

Enjoy the boxing this weekend folks — Matchroom Fight Camp in the UK promises to be intriguing.

As for Spence vs Garcia though, wow, genuinely superb, very, very impressive news.

Roll on November 21st.