Roy Jones Makes Bold Claim About Mike Tyson Ahead Of Their Fight

Roy Jones Makes Bold Claim About Mike Tyson Ahead Of Their Fight

Two of boxing’s most famed fighting sons well past their best days will duke it out in an exhibition on September 12th.

What Mike Tyson and Roy Jones have to gain other than money and some publicity is minimal in that the coming together will have little bearing on either’s legacy in the ring.

The only caveat to that however, it must be said, is if one were to get knocked out or injured badly.

At their advanced years it would not be a good way to have either of them end up.

But Jones, despite the fact that it was he and not Tyson who lost his punch resistance at the end of his career, believes he can knock Tyson out.

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

A pretty wild claim when one considers the size difference that will exist between the two as well.

Tyson was known to be able to take a punch and with significantly more power than Jones, it would appear the above is a little out of place.

With all that said, it’s just an exhibition at the end of the day.

Don’t be surprised if these two just get in the ring and put on a show for a while.

Without throwing anything too heavy or trying to take the other out.

On a serious note amid the current world situation, continue to stay safe folks.

This will pass. God is good.

On a bright note, enjoy this weekend’s boxing action.

Some solid fights in store.