Adrien Broner Opens Up About Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis

Adrien Broner Opens Up About Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis

As boxing continues to come back more and more, including some solid action in the UK this weekend, more and more of the sport’s bigger names appear to be doing interviews.

Adrien Broner while a polarizing figure who in the ring has not impressed in recent years, still seems to get people talking.

The controversial fighter has had a myriad of legal woes outside the ring in recent years.

Speaking to a local promoter in his home State Broner opened up about his relationship with Floyd Mayweather and current star Gervonta Davis:

Interesting stuff.

At least he is being honest there in fairness.

On a boxing note, roll on this weekend folks.

Boxing in the UK is set for some great action for fans to look forward to.

On a travel note, all good. This epic journey rolls on.

Still in Budapest, very hot here now. Doesn’t seem to be much tourists coming here to be honest.

Back in the gym tomorrow.

Met one or two bums here, an odd place in some regards but in fairness, some great, great people here too in Hungary.

Very cool to learn about the history and culture more in recent days.

I know people give these people a hard time from other countries and was warned by many not to come here but their good people and interesting culture I’m starting to be more slightly impressed by now, in fairness.

More good people than bad people anywhere you go to.

Fact of life, me old mate.

All in all, what an amazing journey this travelling has been.

Make no mistake, we go again.

Boxing coming back more and more — bring it on.

Stay safe folks and and enjoy this weekend’s fight action.

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