People React To The Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Price

The freak show that is 2020 rolls on.

In boxing, freak shows tend to sell.

In keeping with the prevailing theme of the world at the moment, boxing has added its own unique twist in this regard to this year.

Two legends of the ring long retired and well past their prime will collide.

The two being none other than Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.

They will meet in an exhibition bout in California on September 12th.

In light of the California State Athletic’s Commission’s recent gross incompetence hopefully neither of these two boxing legends will get hurt.

That said, one can’t criticize them for making a living.

No one can begrudge them of earning money and providing some entertainment in what no doubt will drum up interest.

Even at their age.

Fans have been quick to react to the pricing point of this venture so far being around fifty bucks.

No details have been forthcoming exactly but people have been dishing out their thoughts on the price of the pay per view steadfastly:

(Hat tip Michael Benson Twitter)

Some good banter there in fairness.

Look, they are obviously past it but still, in a year that’s been a mess so far for boxing — it’s something to get people’s interest back again.

Boxing is coming back all the time and more and more legit professional cards will be there as things come back.

This is just something to get the sport back on the main stream casual fan radar if nothing else.

As for what happens on fight night who knows.

Jones lost a lot of punch resistance in particular towards the end of his career and with the weight difference you’d have to think anything solid at all from Tyson will drop him.

Who knows how this thing unfolds though.

One thing is for sure, it has got people talking.

As for the current world situation, keep washing the old hands, keep the distance and wearing the old masks folks.

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