George Foreman Ranks The 4 Biggest Heavyweight Punchers Of All Time

George Foreman Ranks The 4 Biggest Heavyweight Punchers Of All Time

Former heavyweight battering expert and born again Christian George Foreman knows a thing or two about landing big punches.

It is fair to say.

The oldest heavyweight champion in history made a legacy for himself in the ring largely built off it.

A ferocious fighter in his younger days, he cut through opponents with brute force and a fearless tenacity.

Even in his more calm older days, he still had the power. It’s always the last thing to go.

Looking back on boxing’s biggest ever punchers Foreman ranked the four biggest like this:

Excellent humility from the former champion, omitting himself but to be fair to him he deserves to be in the running too.

Humility an excellent trait in boxers as well as people in general, no doubt.

Pride comes before the fall as they say and getting too proud of anything only leads to disappointment.

I prefer the term quietly contented.

A friend of mine once said life is a journey of ups and downs to learn us humility and respect for one another and never worry as God is all things as without God we are of no importance.

The truth is no one has all the answers at this challenging time for the world and all anyone can ever do is their best.

While humbly working on one’s weaknesses throughout the course of a life time.

Along the journey of life.

I don’t care what anyone says, life is the best teacher you’ll ever find.

Always trust yourself and gut instincts — I can only speak for myself — they never let me down.

You’re heart never lies, I tend to think it is the organ in the human most closely connected to God.

Be the warrior with an open heart I heard an ole Buddhist fella say one time.

At any rate, stay patient and safe folks — as boxing continues to slowly come back in the coming weeks bit by bit.

For more on Joe Louis’ big punching above — the hardest puncher of all time according to George Foreman — check this out:

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