Boxing Fans React To Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua Meeting

Boxing Fans React To Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua Meeting In Person

Two of the sport of boxing’s most current famed heavyweight fighting sons had a chance in person meeting it would appear.

Well, upon first inspection at least.

Britain’s Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua bumped into one another in Marbella which has prompted quite a bit of reaction from fight fans.

At the moment Fury is contracted to fight Deontay Wilder in a third fight next up.

No date or venue has been penciled in just yet however.

Anthony Joshua has posted the following on social media which seems to be getting more and more people talking about a Fury fight:

Due to the current situation in the world it appears that fans will have to wait a while for more news on the mega fights taking place.

Wilder is in line to face Fury next ultimately and until anything official is announced otherwise, that’s what will happen next.

Whenever it happens, that is.

Here’s some of the reaction to the above so far between Joshua and Fury:

No doubt momentum is building towards a Joshua vs Fury fight one day.

However Deontay Wilder will have a thing or two to say about that when he takes on Fury next up.

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