Max Kellerman Makes Bold Claim On Pacquiao Over Mayweather

Max Kellerman Makes Bold Claim On Pacquiao Over Mayweather

Comparing legacies and resumes in boxing is a tricky subject.

It always was, really.

So many factors involved make it highly subjective analytical observation, at the best of times.

But damn it, it’s fun.

Fans and pundits like to compare and contrast, they always have.

American boxing pundit Max Kellerman has come up with a bold but his own opinion, at the end of the day, on comparing Pacquiao and Mayweather resumes:

He’ll probably ruffle a few feathers with that but at the end of the day who cares.

You can’t please everyone nor should you try. Just be yourself and if people don’t like it who honestly gives a damn.

Stick to your guns and do what it is you want to do, while having a positive impact on humanity of course.

NOT what anyone tells you or wants you to do.

It’s your life at the end of the day.

On a travel note, all good.

Walked into an Irish bar and a strip club tonight but resisted, as tempting as both were for drink and fun, and walked out.

I just really wanted female company and to shoot the breeze with some Irish folks.

Might visit some friends soon but will think about it tomorrow. Have also been thinking lately about a trip to Pakistan next year, looks like a beautiful country.

Maybe, we’ll see.

Spoke to one of the wise men during the week in England, I think he’s right.

Whatever I decide to do now will be grand.

When I look back at it all what a life its been.

No bull, no bluff, no ego, none of that crap, just being real.

Achieved all me goals and honestly, actually lived my dream, what’s left to do now.

What a life. Maybe we’ll write the ole book soon as I’ve been talking about it for years at this stage, the next venture.

Really life-wise, though, all I want now is a nice girl and to settle down in truth with her and just live a simple life, enjoy whatever’s left.

Boxing still and will always be a passion, mind.

Might be meeting some folks for dinner on Friday, something to look forward to I guess, might be pretty cool if nothing else.

Left some clown off today and decided not to take action, all good, couldn’t be bothered lowering myself to some bum’s level in the end.

He’ll never know how lucky he was and how close he came.

Left him off in the end.

Era, God is good.

There’s great people out there too though, admittedly.

On that note, spoke to an old friend in America today, she understandably didn’t sound great after getting crappy news.

Hope her and her husband will be okay, am sure they will, awesome people.

My experiences in life have taught me that the best gauge of moral perception of human morality can often be rendered in the genuine, non -self serving happiness of one human for another without anything to gain.

Gotta love meeting good people on your travels, in fairness.

Life passes most by while they make grand plans for it but honestly, hand on heart, I can say for the first time in my life that things are really good, I’m at peace and happy.

I’m genuinely just enjoying one day at a time. It’s great.

To all world boxing readers continue to stay safe and do the recommended things folks.

An old buddy of mine used to say dig down deep like the badger when times are tough.

Don’t worry, things will get better for the world. They always do.

At ease.