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George Foreman Hits Nail On The Head On 4th of July 2020

With all the doom and gloom around the world this year it is important to remember life can be good too.

Ultimately God is good.

The United States of America has come in for a lot of criticism in recent times for various reasons.

Unfairly so in my view.

It’s too damn easy for people to kick others when they are down.

Behavior only ever carried out by weak people in life anyway.

Today on the 4th of July boxing legend and born again Christian George Foreman really hit the nail on the head I thought:

Spot on.

Whatever country you’re from in fact — the above applies to people in all nations as one human race in my humble opinion.

We are all one people at the end of the day.

Helping people as best one can during this dark time for humanity is needed now more than egos and criticism.

I’ve never been one for politics, admittedly,

God, common sense and good people are enough for me.

But everyone’s different and I believe its important to respect all people.

As for boxing, look, we’re still a little while away yet from some big fights.


That said, in hindsight, one has to give some credit to the folks at Top Rank bringing back the sport to the best of their ability during a challenging year so far.

There’s too many egos not only in boxing but in the world at the moment.

All anyone can do is their best and you have to stick with things in the end as boxing gradually comes back on in the coming months.

There’s a balance to everything at the end of the day and you wouldn’t know the good times if you didn’t have the bad.

Boxing will come back in good time.

Happy 4th of July to all those in America today and to anyone else have an enjoyable and safe weekend.

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