Amid World Meltdown Manny Pacquiao Makes A Good Point

Amid World Meltdown Manny Pacquiao Makes A Good Point

Filipino boxing legend and all round good egg Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao is no stranger to tough times in his life.

Rising from poverty to become one of the great boxers of his era — as well as an accomplished Statesman in his homeland — Pacquiao knows more than most about survival.

Perhaps more impressive than his achievements is the attitude and humility in which he acknowledges them in.

Indeed, all humans have an ego but it’s how you control it that counts.

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Manny does this through his faith in God.

Although the world is experiencing a turbulent time at the moment Pacquiao summed things up well:

He’s dead right.

Even in the trying times of today there is indeed so much to be grateful for.

Never forget there’s always someone worse off.

On a quick travel note — Budapest continues to impress me I must say.

Everything coming along nicely but this time much different with spirituality powering this recovery now.

I passed by a famous Irish boxer’s pub the other day come to think of it.

Jack Doyle’s no less.

It was closed which I thought was a good omen as like Doyle I’ve struggled with addictions.

After reading his story I identified a lot with different aspects of his character.

It tripped me out, to be fair, as only the week before I had one of Doyle’s ties from his clothing range with me.

One by chance I passed on to a poor black kid in Italy who needed it more than me for a job interview.

Weird coincidence the following week to see his place here in Hungary:

Also I have learned a more about Islam, the Jewish religion and Buddhism in recent weeks which has been cool.

As well as learning briefly about Hinduism in recent years outside of my own Christian (non denomination beliefs), it has been a great recently in particular to upgrade my software without damaging my hardware as the old way of doing things and life style changes reset outside of active addiction now.

Once again, I respect all people of all beliefs.

Just thought I’d share some of the above (and below photos) of my travels recently as I thought they were pretty cool if nothing else for you folks:

I don’t profess to know it all or have all the answers but in the words of Manny Pacquiao, my job sir is to work hard and try to be a better man than I was yesterday.

Nothing more nothing less.

New things added to the addiction list I can’t mess with anymore include red meat — makes me too aggressive and like coffee — gives me headaches 🙂

All good.

This journey is turning into an epic one at this point to be honest.

Patience also improving as has self control in terms of not lashing out or resorting to violence on a couple of occasions recently.

God is good.

Stay safe folks and stay tuned for more boxing news soon.

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