Mike Tyson Drops Some Serious Knowledge Bombs

Mike Tyson Drops Some Serious Knowledge Bombs

Ah yes, 4th of July, a very happy, safe and peaceful holiday today to all those in the USA.

Indeed, this year is a weird 4th of July as is any holiday day at the moment given the current predicament the world finds itself in.

That said, positives can and should still be found.

Opportunity is everywhere in a recession.

No matter how much chaos is going on in the world.

As for the sweet science, boxing continues to slowly but surely come back.

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Expect more and more bits of news on the sport’s return to big TV fights to trickle in gradually in the coming weeks.

Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Sport’s ‘Fight Camp’ idea seems intriguing in fairness.

Hopefully it goes well.

Turning attention to a legend of the sport for a minute.

One of boxing’s most famed fighting sons is still keeping busy with content on his media platforms.

Former heavyweight Mike Tyson has been lighting up the podcast world recently with both tales from his fight career and indeed wisdom from life experience.

On the latest episode Tyson dropped a line in particular that I thought stood out:

“What makes you think we are worthy of meeting GOD.”

Tyson’s humility is really on point these days.

The above also got me thinking of the same by a fella Socrates:

“”All I know is that I know nothing at all.”

Indeed, one must always trust their instincts as I can only speak from my own experience, they always turn out to be right.

With that being said, after this epic world travelling over the last few years it has been pretty cool and interesting to learn so much.

In terms of obtaining new information about different beliefs and cultures.

Everyone and all people are the same to me in the end.

You meet a lot of bluffers along the way too of course.

It’s easy to see through them.

But, once you know who your real friends are — that small few people around you that actually matter in the end — you can gain knowledge and learning from almost anyone and any situation there after.

Mike Tyson, as a name synonymous with boxing, represents a great ambassador for the sport in this regard I think in terms of his world experience.

Whatever anyone’s beliefs are, we can all respect one another’s different viewpoints regardless.

For me, I’ll never change my beliefs in God but the above is a great message of humility and knowledge from Tyson I thought.

For the full episode check it out as Mike Tyson drops knowledge bombs once again:

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Happy 4th of July and continue to stay safe, positive and healthy.

While I am current a world traveler at this time with no fixed destination, if they say home is where the heart is, well, I guess America is where that is for me.

As well as the place where most of the people I care about, my best ideas came from and most of my work is.

Just remember, despite the turbulence going on at the moment in America, that it will come through this.

It always does, in the end.