Watch: 41-Year-Old Ricky Hatton Showing How It Is Done On The Heavy Bag

41-Year-Old Ricky Hatton Showing How It Is Done On The Heavy Bag

You know, this lock down and extended roll out of what is being called the new normal seems to be dragging on.

At least in various parts of the world at the moment.

The thing is though, you just have to bloody knuckle down and fight hard at the moment if it is getting to you.

Fighting is what life is all about in terms of beating the odds.

From a boxing context I always refer to this during the tough times from a certain retired American boxer:

Fighting, knocking down doors and beating the odds is not only very, very enjoyable and fun – but essential I’ve found in life.

This is the second recession I’ve lived through now and one thing I notice about these crazy times for the world, there’s loads of positives and opportunities to be had in them too.

Ricky Hatton with this message and leading by example video says it all for me about the moment in time humanity is struggling with:

Good man Ricky.

Fair play.

Excellent aggression. Good to see.

Boxing continues to explore avenues in the United States and UK at the moment towards its gradual return in the weeks and months ahead.

Until then stay patient folks.

On a travel note, just in lovely Budapest at the moment.

Slowly getting back into the gym myself after that horror show in Italy with no gym or exercise for months on end.

Looking back on it should have just broke the damn curfew and lock down rules and went for jogs — will have home work outs at the ready if one of these things hit again!

Love Italy and the Italians, I really do but that said…

I’m the first to criticize myself and point out my own weaknesses, so, just as honest feedback to help, (some of) you folks are some of the most disorganized, amateur f**** from an organization stand point who, respectfully, couldn’t organize a p*** up in a brewery when it comes to transport and being on time!

And another thing, clean up the damn garbage in some places next time!

Love the bones of Italy and the Italian people, they are great in fairness, and I will be back soon but just too all over the place for me to actually live there outside of vacations every year.

Rant over.

On a bright note, still addiction free of everything for a long time now, too.

In new territory now.

Slowly going into beast mode again in the gym.

Lots of stunning Hungarian women here it’s crazy.

Way more top notch, frankly, lethal f****** women here.

Maybe I’ll get lucky in the weeks ahead with these lovely Hungarian or maybe Polish ladies after that. God is good 🙂

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Looking back on it all, women hurt me more than anyone or anything in life and there’s no pain like it, admittedly.

Without doubt.

But there’s many, many good ones out there too for all the heartbroken out there.

You just have to get back on the horse and go again.

Love is a mother f*****.

Especially if you’re a naturally heart-on-sleeve person (only) with people when you get close to them, like myself.

Not talking to people outside of my own people is easier to do in truth.

I could give a f*** about strangers (at the moment, that is, with all this red blooded energy in me in a real, proper recovery this time) — but the people you let get close to you can certainly throw an ole a dagger or two in you.

Ah, f*** it anyway.

Alas, life is good. Things could be worse and there’s always someone worse off.

First time in years soberly without booze or substances in me I opened up a bit this week with what I thought was a cool Hungarian young lady, my bad.

Instant cut me deep moment but f*** it, everyday is a school day as ole Bruce Lee said.

Era, I’m an awkward, pig headed pr*** at times anyway.

Getting back in the game of dating. Need to up my game.

This lonely entrepreneurial journey back to (eventually) America rolls on for now but to be honest, I’m finally enjoying the epic f****** nature of it all one day at a time.

In truth, without ego, my brain works too damn fast for most people in this recovery now that everything is functioning again.

I need to slow down a bit and switch off a bit more.

We go again, me ole mate.

Stay tuned for more boxing news soon as this thing, slowly, seemingly at a f****** snail’s pace, but surely, comes back on in the weeks ahead outside of ole Top Rank’s stuff at the moment on ESPN.

Fair play to the lads and lasses at Top Rank working hard though to give us boxing at the moment.

It is good to see.

Big-stuff wise, though, I know the relevant parties and players will work hard in the coming weeks to bring boxing fans more happy times to look forward to again.

I know they’ll do the right thing.

Safety first ultimately in the States is paramount at the moment amid what is going on from a bigger picture perspective, in fairness.

Stay safe folks and keep positive to all world boxing readers.