Mike Tyson Makes Bold Claim About Jon Bones Jones

Youngest heavyweight champion in history Mike Tyson recently intimated that he would be returning to the ring in some shape or forml.

Largely thought of as an exhibition en-devour though.

One that would involve Mike lacing up the gloves, boxing a few rounds and going through the motions to get back in shape and raise money for charity.

The reality however is that nothing happened but one thing about Mike is he’s a surprisingly underestimated salesman and businessman.

He knows the power of the media and coupled with his wisdom and life experience, you don’t have to look further than his hugely successful podcast to see he’s no fool in the marketing and media departments.

Now however, he’s gone a step further with a suggestion that mixed martial arts and UFC star Jon Jones will fight him.

As well as talking about heavyweight boxing, Muhammad Ali, Frazier and Foreman among other subjects:

Fascinating stuff.

As it always is with good old Mike in fairness.

Moving forward — I’ll be travelling to Budapest in the coming days folks — on route to likely Russia and the Ukraine but will be back on here shortly.

Once again thanks for continuing to support my content on this particular site of mine this year.

As this trip to Italy comes to a crescendo what a trip it has been.

I’m genuinely stronger physically, mentally and spiritually than ever.

Gratefully closer to God than ever before.

I recall an astute, excellent Italian businessman saying to me on this trip a rather good saying for life:

“Lead with love.”

Alas, God is good and life is good.

Through all darkness comes the light in the end.

I tend to think love is the most powerful thing that God gave us humans and it cuts through everything on route to any perceived reconciliation with human morality, systems, legalities, business and so forth.

All while interesting — just limited concepts governed by God in my humble opinion.

I always think the best gauge of morality is seeing another human genuinely happy for/and or — but not limited to — helping another one — selflessly — without anything to gain.

Good beats evil. It always has and always will until the end of time.

Even for those who believe in nothing and taking religion and God out of it entirely, as I respect all people’s beliefs and all people period, just from a story context, I often think the tale of an ole fella by the name archangel Michael to be a rather wise one.

A quite fella, really, but era, not the type of fella you’d mess at the same time with and a geezer who could certainly bloody fight if needs be.

It’s the quiet fellas you have to watch out for in life. In the end.

The devil, whatever your interpretation of good/evil, right/wrong, morality is — is overrated in the end — he/she/it is only as powerful as you let it be.

It flees in the end and is totally powerless if you want. You have a choice.

That’s just my own two cents from my own meandering experience for what it’s worth and once again — I respect all people and beliefs, too.

Humans are an interesting species unquestionably.

Alas, the show goes on.

On route to likely heading back to the States end of year or down the road in the years ahead.

At some stage.

Maybe I’ll finally get my Beyonce/Kelly Rowland black American wife this year or next — if I get lucky and settle down once and for all 🙂

Until then, I have to say, I’m really now enjoying just living one day at a time and finally enjoying the journey.

What a life its been.

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While I don’t have any heroes or idols in life other than God certainly this trip taught me a few things.

Largely that I’m just a quiet fella at heart, an introvert without doubt, who although is a serious guy who does his talking with action rather than talk, with perhaps an odd sense of humor, very intense at times, is just a basic caveman at the end of the day who enjoys getting on with the job and never making a song or a dance, boasting or showing off about it.

Life is too short for that malarkey in my view.

We stay until the job is done and that’s it. On it goes this thing of ours.

Moreover, my faith and exercise regime keep the red blooded, fiery side well calmed these days too.

The old bite is worst than my bark, admittedly, I’m not much of a talker which is energy draining, I’m more of a doer these days.

As regards the current state of Western and Eastern capitalism’s alleged Modus Operandi — things are changing in the world this year I’d suggest.

Business is business and money is money at the end of the day but 2020 has shown perhaps some lower-level operators that they are not as in control as they thought they were.

One simple chess move by God this year and bang — markets learned their place rather quickly.

As for interesting capitalist people, there’s certainly plenty of good ones out there still.

People like good guys Chuck Feeney in New Jersey or even on a smaller level, good fellas in the old boxing business like Alan Haymon of Cleveland.

Maybe business fellas I’d have a bit of time for in fairness.

In boxing even extroverts like Bob Arum of Top Rank continues to show he is a legendary promoter too at the near age of 90.

Good guy Eddie Hearn of London too no doubt will bounce back later in 2020 from a tough year so far.

Even other extroverts outside boxing like Gary Vaynerchuk of New Jersey is a good operator to keep an eye on too I’ve found for learning.

Talented loud mouths aside, you’d be surprised how many quiet, good people are out there though, business or just inspirational regular everyday folks.

I just don’t buy the hype of stuff anymore in truth, just not much of a bloke for social media these days.

Each to their own though.

Sometimes in life, as in business or any work endeavor, you must cut off a piece of yourself in order to let it go and truly grow and move on as a person.

Although a slightly dark tone, here, I’d suggest this story might illustrate the above concept.

Once there was an English fella in a small town in England who sadly got trapped during a flood.

Unable to move his leg stuck in a drain, with water quickly rushing in and paramedics and fire brigade personnel by his side, they told him that if they cut off his leg and amputate on the scene he might have a chance of survival.

If he didn’t he’d drown.

Unfortunately he didn’t have the leg removed and the gentleman drowned at the scene.

The moral of the story is, sometimes, no matter how painful it might be, you have to cut a piece of yourself off in order to grow.

Reaching our highest potential is important I truly believe.

I love Ireland and always will but America is where my heart and spirit is now.

As well as the majority of you guys on this particular website of mine in the old boxing niche, my readers.

No doubt I’ll be back to sunny Ireland on a vacation in the years ahead down the road but until then — this entrepreneurial technology journey rolls.

Likely pointing back towards to the home of boxing and technology business innovation.

Back in the good old USA.

In conclusion, boxing is set to come back steadily in the weeks and months ahead of which I hope to get some interesting stories for this particular site for you good folks for.

Thanks for everything and until soon.

Stay safe, stay positive and keep the faith.

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