George Foreman Brutally Honest About Lennox Lewis

When one surveys the all-time heavyweight champion landscape the sport of boxing has been blessed.

It really has.

The noble art has had some incredible fighters and special athletes alike down through the years.

Comparing professional boxers from different generations is always a quintessentially flawed en-devour as alas, things change as time goes on.

Athletes tend to get bigger, stronger and faster. That’s just how it goes.

But what’s also a fact is that no matter what era a fighter was from, no matter how long ago it was — heart, talent, ability and skills crossover.

One of the great heavyweights of all-time George Foreman is often brought up in all-time legends of boxing debates but perhaps the UK’s Lennox Lewis not so much.

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Lewis didn’t have as much rivalries available to him as Foreman did in his day but still did exemplary in his time period of sweet science operation.

A great chess player in the ring with an insatiable competitive streak that saw him avenge the only two pro losses of his career emphatically (Oliver McCall and Hasim Rahman).

Lewis was a winner through and through and when motivated — a very hard man to beat.

A huge puncher, an incredible jab, a great sense of distance of footwork for a big man and an all-round fight game that would have asked questions of any heavyweight.

Foreman admitted he’d want no piece of Lewis in a hypothetical match up:

It doesn’t get much more honest than that in fairness.

For a look back at some of Lewis’ best moments check this out:

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