53 Year Old Mike Tyson Ripped Training With Vitor Belfort

53 year old mike tyson ripped training with vitor belfort

Good ole Vitor Belfort from the sport of mixed martial arts knows a thing or two shall we say about improving his fight performance despite his older years.

It would appear he is sharing his training secrets with former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson who is continuing to train hard ahead of some sort of return.

Likely it will be just for a light exhibition but if nothing else Tyson is clearly getting back into ripped shape for a 53-year-old which deserves respect either way:

Fair play.

Tyson alongside many of the old time fighters like Evander Holyfield have been leading by example with their work ethic during the mad time for the world as of late.

Whether or not it amounts to anything isn’t really the point.

These former champions continue to show that age is just a number and are of use as inspiration to anyone who wants to get back in shape even during the mad time the world is in at the moment.

If Tyson were to have some sort of exhibition fight it would do crazy numbers.

No doubt about that.

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