What George Foreman’s Trainer Told Him That He Credits For His Career

george foreman trainer

Former heavyweight champion George Foreman has been dropping some nuggets of wisdom in recent times.

Doing so while looking back on what was an eventful and in many ways a very unique career.

A snarling beast in his younger days Foreman’s demeanor was one of do as much damage as possible to his opponent and move on the next.

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Often times boxing and life offer unique parallels to the few who actually do ever make anything of themselves.

Like Foreman.

Those who do not complain about others and simply put the hard work to whatever their field is.

When Foreman returned to the sport in his older days he was a man of more devout faith.

Certainly a more changed character.

The snarling beast had gone in terms of his outside the ring attitude.

With that being said his power was still enough for him to become the oldest heavyweight champion in history.

Recalling one of the best bits of advice he was ever given by his trainer in his career Foreman fondly remembered:

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Here’s a quick stroll down memory lane to remember just why Foreman was such a force in his boxing career: