Boxing icon Evander ‘The Real Deal’ Holyfield at the age of 57 appears to be getting back in shape for some form of return to the ring.

It is highly doubtful it is a return to a professional boxing ring as the chances of him getting a license to box at his age would be slim.

That said, it appears he is coming back for some type of exhibition bout.

The details of which are all still up in the air but this video from the folks at Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip) shows he’s clearly taking his training seriously if nothing else.

Enlisting the help of Wladimir Klitschko and Antonio Tarver to aid him getting back in condition:

Holyfield last fought some time ago.

Back in 2011 no less.

Although an outstanding athlete who was able to compete longer than most — many fans no doubt hope he doesn’t risk serious injury and that this return is just a light exhibition.

It has been suggested that he and old rival Mike Tyson might be planning an exhibition bout together for charity later in the year.

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