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Adrien Broner Says He Has A New Career

Recently outspoken four-weight world champion Adrien Broner has insisted he will only return to the boxing ring for no less than $10 million dollars.

It would appear that the number seems to be a high one considering the fact that boxing like many industries will take a financial hit this year given the global pandemic.

Nonetheless, Broner isn’t backing down from his financial demands and has now said he’ll simply become a rapper instead of a boxer:

Time will tell how long Broner will stick with the new career.

Despite the fact he’s taken many losses inside the ring in recent years his marketability seems to be still relatively high, strangely.

He’s still a big name who could surely get in some big fights at lightweight or junior welterweight, weight classes much more suited to him than welterweight but likely he will need to be more realistic with his pay demands.

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The way things are going in boxing in 2020 you might only see the big name fighters box just once before the year is out.

When the sport returns it is thought it will be the more economical and small to mid tier fights that will come back first.

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