Watch: Mike Tyson’s Reaction To Tyson Fury Beating Wilder Is Gold

For those that don’t know, Tyson Fury was named Tyson by his father John after the youngest heavyweight champion in history Mike Tyson.

Now retired, Mike Tyson these days is known for his wisdom and incredible insight on various aspects of life in his one a kind podcast ‘HotBoxin with Mike Tyson’.

Coming into this weekend’s big title fight between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, Mike made no apologies for the fact he was routing for the fighter who wasn’t American like him, going on record saying he was backing Fury.

He got the win for him and Tyson, well, reacted like this at the fight:

Great stuff, Mike.

We could really have something special on our hands here with Tyson Fury over the coming years with his new found dedication shown these last few years since coming back to boxing.

An incredible talent and human being.

Without doubt.

Roll on 2020 in what is now looking like the new start of an age where boxing is once again a main stream sport in America.

Tonight’s performance by Tyson Fury has helped the entire sport hugely.

Well done big fella.

Well done to everyone involved with all the hard work too on this event — including all the media, Top Rank, Haymon Boxing, Fox and ESPN.

What a time for the heavyweight division again.