Keeping Grassroots Boxing In Our Thoughts During The Quarantine

You know, a lot of people are suffering at the moment because of the current pandemic hitting the world.

A lot of people are eager to go back to work at the moment.

Even if it is dangerous to do so at this particular time.

In boxing, yeah, look, we all wan’t to see the big fights back soon.

No doubt about it.

But the reality is it could be a while before big fights with live audiences manifest and it will be a gradual process bit by bit when they do.

It is also easy to forget however that the smaller shows as well as the many, many boxing gyms around the country and world that do so much good work for communities are suffering more than anyone at the moment.

Many gyms have had to try to do online remote workouts with their members in a bid to stay a float while many others who are shut down entirely just have to bite the bullet for now.

Away from the shiny lights of big time boxing it is important to remember that none of this would exist or be possible without grassroots boxing.

The amateur gyms that help guide, train and nurture the next generation not only into stars of the future but more importantly — also functional, productive and positive members of their respective societies in all nations.

Boxing at grassroots level helps teach young men and women alike the life long values of discipline, respect and hard work which they can take with them during the course of their life times.

This seldom gets mentioned by the detractors of the sport.

One such gym at the moment in the heart of the fight capital of the world in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Barry’s Boxing is an example of grassroots boxing at its purest.

Their post on Facebook testament to the trying times they and other boxing gyms are experiencing at the moment:

Any support you give, big or small, goes a long way.

The sport of boxing at its highest level teaches that the champion of the world should fear no man here on Earth and that the impossible can in-fact be made possible in life with enough hard work, dedication and belief.

At grassroots level, like with Barry’s Boxing above, the sport also teaches that there is still a sense of community in the world where we can all play our part, even if in only in a small way — in helping one another best we can during this difficult time.

Indeed, with not much big fights going on at the moment it is important to go back to the roots of boxing and the history of the entire sport.

Back to where it all began in the beginning.

For those looking for some compelling viewing during this quarantine on boxing history the following YouTube channel (Reznick) is an excellent resource pertaining to the sport’s history: