Andre Ward and Eddie Hearn Reveal Private Fight Negotiation

Andre Ward and Eddie Hearn Reveal Private Fight Negotiation

Usually fight offers are kept behind the scenes from Twitter when they go down between the respective promoters, boxers and their teams involved.

One such offer recently appeared to come from promoter Eddie Hearn to Shakur Stevenson allegedly involving a fight with Josh Warrington.

What a cracker of a fight that would be.

Talks appear to have broken down however when Stevenson said the following:

To which the promoter of Warrington, Eddie Hearn countered:

Then Shakur Stevenson’s manager stepped in.

Former pound for pound rated undefeated world champion and Olympic Gold medalist Andre Ward said to Hearn:

To which Hearn respectfully replied:

The current lock down seems to be getting boxers to call one another out for fights more than ever.

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Hopefully when big time boxing returns later this year or in 2021 they will still be calling one another out as much.

As for the above, what a fight it would be.

Hopefully it can get made at some point whether in the US or UK.