Shocking Brutal Sparring Footage Revealed Of Canelo Opponent James Kirkland

Professional boxing is a brutal, ruthless business.

No doubt about that.

With that being said – it is not violence and is referred to as the ‘sweet science’ and ‘noble art’ for a reason.

Sparring is sparring and has to be taken with a pinch of salt but sometimes it crosses the line.

The following footage of former Canelo Alvarez opponent James Kirkland certainly does that:

I would suspect people in boxing will think twice about working with the gym where that took place along with the trainers who allowed it to happen.

It must be said however that the above happened a number of years ago in fairness and hopefully those above learned from the mistakes of what happened.

With boxing having unfortunately lost a number of fighters in recent years in the ring this type of preparation is not needed.

Health and safety of fighters not only in the ring but in fight preparation in sparring is of paramount importance.

Preparation is key.

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James Kirland has a professional record of 34-2-30 KO.

His highest profile fight came in the form of a loss to boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez: