People Saying The Same Thing About Mayweather Body Punches

People Saying The Same Thing About Mayweather Body Punches

Floyd Mayweather recently returned to the boxing gym as well as road work.

Inevitably this has got people talking during the Covid-19 lock down.

New speculation has swirled debating will the former pound for pound number one come back when the virus quarantine is over.

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Realistically he looks to be just keeping sharp but that hasn’t stopped many speculating on a possible comeback.

The folks at Sports Illustrated have posted the following question to fans:

Perhaps slightly surprisingly many said they would oblige the above offer.

Easier said over a keyboard one suspects than getting in there and taking a body punch from a former pound for pound champion.

Here have been some of the eager responses:

While debate continues to surround a Mayweather comeback at this stage a pro boxing return seems highly unlikely.

Between business ventures, a boxing promotional company and exhibitions the chances of a pro boxing comeback remain long shot.