Muhammad Ali Daughter Laila Ali Reacts To Claressa Shields Call Out

One of the most famed female boxers of all time, former undefeated world champion and daughter of Muhammad Ali, Laila Ali has been back in the boxing news recently.

Since hanging up the gloves Ali has been involved in a number of business and TV ventures.

Her name however cropped up for the first time in a while in boxing when a bout between her and young undefeated world champion and two-time Olympic Gold medalist Claressa Shields was purported.

Women’s boxing has been gaining in popularity incrementally in recent years and a bout between the two American women would no doubt generate a lot of interest.

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Whether there would be enough of a financial carrot for Ali however remains to be seen.

Speaking of the idea and call out by Shields — Ali said the following to the WBC President on a live social media call:

“Well I think it has already been said for anyone that is watching Claressa Shields has called me out on multiple times and I had answered and said hey because people asked me would I come back. I said yeah for the right situation. I love boxing. I’m in shape. I’m not in boxing shape but I haven’t been just sitting on the couch. I still run. I still work out. I’m very, very healthy. I live a very healthy lifestyle. In terms of am I able to do it? Absolutely. Even at my age.”

Ali retired with a professional boxing record of 24-0-21 KO.

She is now 42 years old.

25-year-old Shields has a professional record of 10-0-2 KO at this time.

For the full interview with the WBC check it out here:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)