George Foreman Describes 5 Past Champions To Build The Perfect Heavyweight

Big George Foreman knows a thing or two about heavyweight greatness being regarded as one of the best of all time himself.

A man who’s punching power and tenacity made him one of the most feared champions in the sport’s history.

Also, to this day, he is the oldest heavyweight champion in living memory.

Foreman later in his career transformed himself through his faith in God from a snarling feared knockout artist – to a happy go lucky character.

A man still not to be messed with mind, who had the knockout punch available on tap when needed in the ring.

During the current pandemic lock down at the moment boxing fans have been debating many fantasy fights of the past.

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Comparing boxers from different eras is always difficult but one interesting conversation has come up in that, how would one assemble the perfect heavyweight champion?

What attributes from different legendary warriors of the past could you bring together all in the one?

To create the perfect fighting machine, as it were.

Well, George Foreman would use these five guys best strengths:

An intimidaintg fighter that would have been.

No doubt about it.

As for George, here’s a reminder of why he was a pretty handy fighter himself back in the day:

(Hat tip Reznick YouTube)