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Home » Tyson Fury Reflects On Deontay Wilder Win During Coronavirus Lockdown

Tyson Fury Reflects On Deontay Wilder Win During Coronavirus Lockdown

As the world continues to be taken back by the deadly Coronavirus the sport of boxing has come to a halt.

Indeed, there is much more important stuff happening than boxing at the minute.

A time where people in all nations need to come together as one to help one another stop the spread of what is quickly becoming one of the worst viruses in human history.

Boxing, as do all sports, provides a place for people to usually escape the everyday troubles that they might have but at the moment sports are out of the picture.

When they do return though and when boxing is back, which it will be, there will be the slightly pressing matter of the heavyweight title.

Tyson Fury is set for a third fight with Alabama’s Deontay Wilder.

When it happens is anyone’s guess.

One would hope this year we’ll see the big time boxing schedule back up and running again.

As for now, Fury while in lockdown at home spoke to the UK media this morning reflecting on his accomplishment of beating Wilder earlier this year:

Fury will go into the third fight a strong favorite.

That said, you just can’t write off Wilder because of his power.

Fury could be boxing the perfect game plan but as long as Wilder is alive and in there he has a chance.

That right hand will always give him one.

As for now, boxing is on hiatus.

No one knows what will happen just yet and when it returns what it will be like.

Will fans be comfortable buying tickets to go to events again?

What will travel and hotels be like?

So many questions exist. Only time will tell.

Until then, stay safe folks.