Who Roger Mayweather Said Was The Best Boxer After Floyd Mayweather

When it comes to recent boxing memory it is widely regarded that Floyd Mayweather proved himself the best boxer of his era.

Retiring undefeated. For much of his pro career he was trained by his uncle Roger Mayweather.

Right up until his last few fights when his father returned to his corner. This was largely due to Roger’s health deteriorating.

Roger still took him on the pads though when he could in the gym though.

It has been a somber time as of late with the Coronavirus pandemic and the recent passing of Roger Mayweather.

However one interesting thing to come up since Roger’s passing was who he rated as the best fighter of his nephew’s era outside of him.

Most would probably think he’d say Pacquiao or Canelo.

Not the case though.

Speaking to EsNews he said one time:

“I said Pacquiao but I don’t think it is Pacquiao though. Probably (Miguel) Cotto.”

He added:

“I think Cotto is probably one of the best. Yeah I think he’s one of the best. Yeah (I’d watch a rematch of him and Floyd).”

On if the two ever had a rematch Roger enthused:

“The same thing that happened the first time. He can’t f*** with Floyd. Boxing is a thinking man’s game.”


When one analyzes some the best boxers in history they were all thinking men.

I would suggest the highest level the sport is as much a science as any out there.

After all, it doesn’t have its name the ‘sweet science’ for no reason.

Roger Mayweather was a legit professor in the field.

For a look back at the Mayweather vs Cotto fight referred to above check out the fight below.

A bout where Cotto famously bloodied the nose of Mayweather.

A fight where the defensive wizard got caught a lot more than usual.

Hat tip to the Golden Boy Boxing YouTube channel here.


A great fight in the end.

An excellent tactical approach from Cotto. He really demonstrated how to get to Mayweather at times.

Mayweather, though, ever the fighter able to adapt mid fight.

He did what he had to do in the end to get the win. Overall, a fight that forced Floyd to think on his feet a lot.

Way more than usual in his career.

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