Anthony Joshua Gives His Take On The Current World Pandemic

Anthony Joshua Gives His Take On The Current World Pandemic

It is said that the sport of boxing has taken more black eyes outside the ring than it ever has inside of it.

I believe the expression to be true.

While the world is currently seeing things the likes of which perhaps have never been seen before, there is always positives to take from everything.

As hard as it might seem sometimes. Hope is something that all humans need.

Particularly in times of trouble like this.

Coming to you from Italy at the time of this article, in a truly dark time in self-isolation with a shocking mortality rate here for the Coronavirus, I’ve been able to contemplate a lot of things.

One of which, something that perhaps doesn’t get spoken about enough, is the positive the sport of boxing does.

There’s been many boxers and promoters in recent days and over the last week or so making donations and helping where they can to the current situation.

Whether positive messaging or workout plans for folks at home, many have been trying to help.

If even in a small way. Everything counts.

Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua has just released his take on the whole thing on his YouTube channel.

He gives his response to current pandemic striking the world:

Fair play.

A class act as always.