Eddie Hearn Reveals EA Conversation About New Fight Night

Fans Asked If They Want A New Boxing Game - This Reaction Says It All

Boxing fans’ prayers could be answered with a new Fight Night game.

This has been coming for quite some time it must be said.

The popular boxing computer game has been demanded by boxing fans for years.

With the sport having enjoyed a return to popularity in recent years, surely EA at this point can see the demand for a new product.

It would be a huge hit and success in every way.

Why we have not seen a new boxing game from EA for a while is anyone’s guess.

Now however that could be about to change.

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn on an Instagram live video admitted he’s had conversations with gaming giant EA.

He said the following of them:

“Got a few things going on with Fight Night champion. I’ve got this little Fight Night idea that I’ve pitched to EA Sports. It’s not just a virtual game. It’s much more complicated than that.”

He added continued to say:

“You know what, there’s a lot of questions about Fight Night. I had a call the other day with EA Sports. I keep telling them, every time I mention Fight Night on social media – it goes mad. I think the return of Fight Night would be huge.”

Hopefully the powers that EA Sports take note.

Without doubt it would be a massive hit with world boxing fans.