Boxer Reveals Truly Incredible Roger Mayweather Story At His Funeral

Boxer Reveals Truly Incredible Roger Mayweather Story At His Funeral

In the world we live in today often times people’s acts of kindness have to be seen or amplified on social media in a rather fake way.

Certainly during this time with the Coronavirus more random acts of kindness without needing to shout about them would be welcome.

People need to help one another out at times like this as best they can.

A lot of times in life, the truly special people with great hearts do things for others that most never even find out about.

Not charitable acts for media pictures, fake corporate responsibility tax write offs posing under the guise of charity or for fake popcorn headlines that businesses often do for PR.

Oh no.

Some people just deliver random acts of kindness for no reason that they never even tell people about.

That’s how the best people usually roll my experience has taught me so far.

Actions speak louder than words and the late Roger Mayweather’s achievements in the sport of boxing spoke for themselves.

Two-weight world champion and all-time great trainer.

A man who helped guide the best fighter of his generation, his nephew Floyd Mayweather to amazing heights.

Away from boxing Roger had a heart of gold.

Speaking at his funeral and memorial service a former boxer trained by Roger years ago and life long friend revealed a truly heart warming tale:

“I’ve been around Roger since I was 15, 16-years-old. I’m 40 now. We used to be at Golden Gloves gyms back in the day. One thing that I always loved about Roger man, you know, Roger had a heart of gold. This one situation I got in some trouble. Probably when I was 20 years old I got in some trouble and my bail was half a million dollars. I didn’t know what I was going to do.”

He continued:

“Then one day they called my name and when I got out Roger was out there waiting for me. He never told me what he did. He just told me he had a friend who was a bails bondsman who got me out. One of the conditions of me getting out was that I do counselling twice a week. I was wondering why Roger would call me everyday when I had to do counselling to make sure I went there.”

He went on to say:

“One day he called me and I said I’m not going to do this no more uncle Roger. I’m just going to go back to LA and get away from it. Right then and there Roger told me he put his house up for my bail. I didn’t even know that. He put his house up to bail me out of jail. My bail was half a million dollars. My own parents didn’t even do that. That just showed me what type of person Roger was. Regardless of the boxing side of him and you know the tough side of Roger.”

He finished by saying:

“When it came to kids or people that he looked at as family, mainly children, he just had a heart of gold. I will always love Roger for him to do that. I’m going to miss him. I’ve got video of him training me when I was a teenager. I’ve got video of him training all three of my boys. There wouldn’t be a kid that came in the gym that he wouldn’t show how to put their hands up and throw punches.”

Amazing stuff.

Rest in peace Roger Mayweather.

For the full service you can watch here:

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