Eminem Reveals Emanuel Steward Story To Mike Tyson

When one is talking about the great boxing trainers of all time Emanuel Steward’s name inevitably comes up.

His iconic Kronk Boxing Gym and unique fight style that his gym churned out year after year is one of legend.

Even in today’s times, heavyweight champion Tyson Fury trained under Steward’s nephew Sugar Hill before his recent masterclass 7th round stoppage over Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas.

The Kronk style evident in his approach on fight night.

An uncanny way of fighting that truly embodies the sweet science when you consider how timeless the technique has remained over the years, right up to today’s time with Fury’s recent display of it.

As a coach, Emanuel Steward remains one of the greatest of all-time.

Not many might put Steward’s name and legendary rapper and song writer Eminem’s (Marshall Mathers) name together however.

A strange occurrence but two men that nonetheless crossed paths it turns out.

Speaking to former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson recently — Eminem disclosed something that not many might know:

(Hat tip Manouk Akopyan)