When one is discussing the best fighters that ever lived debates always come up.

Perhaps that’s one of the great things about boxing actually.

Fan opinion.

Whether it be about fight fans’ favorite fighters or opposing fans backing their guy from different nations, debate tends to lend itself to boxing.

Rivalries between the likes of the USA and UK and Mexico and Puerto Rico have long existed in the sport.

When you couple that with social media, boxing fans are arguably some of the most passionate you’ll find in all of sports.

When it comes to experts however, historians who really know their stuff, the late Roger Mayweather is up there as one of the best.

Outside of being a famed trainer and two-weight world champion he was a student of the game through and through.

The following brilliant video goes through who he rated as the best of all time.


(Hat tip EsNews YouTube)

Rest in peace Roger Mayweather.

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