What Roger Mayweather Said About Mike Tyson’s Punching Power

While Roger Mayweather may have passed last week his legacy lives on.

A plethora of boxing content online not too far to find no less.

A man who spoke his mind and always said it like it is.

That in itself is a rare trait in modern society — while needing to do so in a respectful manner of course.

Roger Mayweather was an accomplished fighter as well as trainer and his right hand knocked out many a man in its time.

UFC President Dana White recalled one time that a mid 40’s retired Roger even beat up a young professional prospect (in his 20’s) who mouthed off to him in a gym in Las Vegas.

Roger exacted what needed to be done. That’s how he rolled.

So when Roger spoke about big punchers in the sport he never minced his words.

Despite his uniquely extroverted and brilliant personality, he was a keen student of the game behind closed doors.

A real historian.

One of the biggest punchers in boxing history was of course Mike Tyson.

The youngest heavyweight champion in history.

Here’s what Roger had to say about his power and outstanding career (hat tip to the folks at Fight Hub TV YouTube)

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