Irish Boxer Comes Up With St. Patrick’s Day Idea Amid Coronavirus

Irish Boxer Comes Up With St. Patrick's Day Idea Amid Coronavirus

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day is certainly a very weird one.

The worldwide renowned parade to mark the popular Irish festival seems to have been cancelled everywhere.

From Ireland itself to other places that hold world famous public parades like London and New York.

The public gathering ban because of the current Coronavirus outbreak appears to have wiped it out across the board this year unfortunately.

Popular Irish boxer Michael Conlan came up with an idea that seemed to get quite a bit of traction on Twitter at least:

Indeed, Conlan’s fight this week was called off because of the current Coronavirus pandemic.

His frustration must be off the charts.

Professional boxers don’t get weekly or monthly pay packets like most folks.

They only get paid when they fight which sometimes is only twice or three times a year.

Ultimately, the health and safety of the fighters is the most important thing however.

Conlan usually fights around this time every year in New York since the start of his pro debut a few years back but unfortunately not the case this year.

Here’s a look back at some memorable Conlan moments on St. Paddy’s Day in years gone by: