About Floyd Mayweather’s Offer To Deontay Wilder

Recently retired former pound for pound number one fighter Floyd Mayweather offered to train Deontay Wilder following his recent heavyweight title fight loss to Tyson Fury.

A comprehensive 7th round stoppage by the Manchester native in Las Vegas for the WBC heavyweight title.

The rematch (for the third fight between the two) clause has been activated now.

The pair are expected to fight again this year.

Wilder also was offered advice by legendary heavyweight George Foreman ahead of his third fight with Fury.

But back to Floyd for a minute.

First off, I don’t see what use it would be for Floyd offering to train Wilder in place of his current trainer.

Okay, there’s no doubt some technical nuggets that could be passed on from an advisory point of view.

That said, Wilder already has an excellent coach in Mark Breland.

A quiet guy but a standout American amateur and a well, well respected man within the sport itself.

A guy who has been underestimated by many since Wilder’s first loss.

No need for it either. No good.

You know, there’s an old saying.

Despite all the fake negative social media garbage that seems to be be prevailing in society today.

And it’s this.

The loudest man in the room is often the weakest one.

Just remember that.

Mark Breland might be quiet but he should be the first person Wilder should be listening to at the moment since the loss.

He is, without doubt, the most qualified guy on Wilder’s team to give advice to the former champion on what advisers from a coaching perspective could be brought in.

Floyd Mayweather’s Offer To Deontay Wilder

Yeah, Floyd would be very useful, without doubt.

Wilder’s defense is all over the shop.

It needs to be corrected.

Floyd could offer some tips on how to sharpen up that jab too.

Something Wilder has been cognizant about in the past:


I like Wilder but this excuse of having a too heavy costume for the ring walk didn’t wash with me either.

The bottom line is he needs to tighten the holes in his defense and work on setting up his big bombs with more subtlety in his approach.

This is big time boxing and he’s going to have a crack again at the title in a huge fight on US pay per view later this year.

This isn’t some small fight in a small place like Ireland, the UK, Germany or something like that.

He’s going to have a rare opportunity to once again get his title back in what will be a huge fight in the biggest and richest country in the world and the biggest place for the sport, America.

He should be taking that deadly serious and making sure to listen to every single piece of advice Mark Breland gives him.

Advice is just a form of nostalgia of course.

Listening to it and acting on it are two different things entirely.

Once he listens to it he has to make his own choice but on the whole — this offer from Floyd isn’t going to make a huge difference.

Far from it.

You could argue the only rounds he’s won against Fury in two fights were the two knockdowns he scored in the first fight.

Anyway, with the way this Coronavirus thing is shaping up, who knows when the fight could take place later this year.

Coming from Italy at the moment, where the entire country is in total lock down and quarantine, I’d expect these measures to be in the States very soon too.

Bodies are dropping around me all the time here in Italy in a very dark period with death all around us.

Everything is going to have a knock on effect elsewhere around the world in the coming weeks.

From a boxing events perspective, this will push all boxing back and Fury Wider 3 could now be towards the end of the year according to my estimations.

Of course, there are some stupid, simpleton countries and people too who are not taking this thing seriously.

They will though once their kids or parents start getting viciously killed and taken out by this Coronavirus thing.

They’ll think twice then.

To all you guys, just stay safe folks and keep the faith.

Keep washing the old hands and keep doing the recommended things as per the CDC and WHO sites.

I will keep you updated on how this Coronavirus thing affects the sport of boxing in the days ahead.

I’ll be speaking to various people around the world in the days ahead.