Manny Pacquiao Reacts To Coronavirus In Some Fashion

Manny Pacquiao Reacts To Coronavirus In Some Fashion

Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao is a class act. No doubt about that.

The God-fearing, knockout fist-wielding, pugilistic dynamo from The Philippines has held himself throughout his pro boxing career as one of the great ambassadors for the sport.

Yes, no one is perfect, sure.

But in terms of kindness, empathy and helping people, it’s tough to name many who have done more for humanity than Pacquiao.

Certainly in recent years.

From building houses in his home country, to helping the poor, to inspiring millions with his rags to riches story, done so with humility and a smile, Pacquiao has now responded to the current Coronavirus outbreak.

In some fashion too.

Teaming up with a good friend and Asian business mogul in the process:

Nice work.

Indeed, testing is a very important part of the fight against the current Coronavirus.

Something all nations are only now really coming to terms with.

While there might seem to be a lot of doom and gloom out there at the moment there does now seem to be positives emerging.

China, where the disease started in, appears to be slowly getting the numbers under control.

Perhaps many nations will look to China in the weeks and months ahead as the model to combat this virus.

As for Pacquiao’s boxing career, like many fighters at present, it is on hold.

Large scale boxing events could be put back for a few months it is now looking like.