People Agree With George Foreman’s Take On The Coronavirus

People Agree With George Foreman's Take On The Corona Virus

The boxing world, indeed like all of sports and everything else on Earth at the moment is being drastically affected from what appears to be a pending global pandemic of the Coronavirus.

Italy announced a country wide lock down last night and now countries around the world, including the United States, are also experiencing a surge in the virus.

Well, I for one am in Italy at the moment and will be just chilling over the coming weeks as it looks like there is no travel to and out of the country allowed for a while.

If this really is the end of the world, or the Apocalypse as some have suggested, I for one will be watching a lot of boxing between now and then.

Anyway, plenty of time to catch up on some boxing and classic old fights!

Speaking of legendary fighters.

Former heavyweight champion George Foreman weighed in with his take on the virus in recent days which has proved to be quite popular:

Indeed, people are quick to blame others and other nations at the moment for the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

In times like this it is best not to do that however and instead look to help one another.

One cannot rely on presidents, politicians, law enforcement, judges or agents of the State to help you at this particular time.

It is up to us, as world communities, to be the judges at the moment – to step up to the plate, do the recommended things and help one another out as best we can.