Update On The Coronavirus Impact On Boxing So Far

Update On The Coronavirus Impact On Boxing So Far

Indeed, a lot of people’s worst fears in boxing are now starting to come through as many live sporting events around the world continue to get cancelled due to the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Strangely, though, the United Kingdom seems to have been one of the slowest countries to react so far which is very concerning to see.

In terms of Premier League football and rugby matches still going ahead as of the time of this article.

One suspects these will all get cancelled very soon, though.

Moreover, leading boxing promoter Eddie Hearn of London, England hasn’t cancelled any of his events in the UK thus far but I’d expect Eddie to do the right thing once the government start shutting events down soon as this thing appears to be out of control at the moment.

Eddie, there is more important things than boxing events at the moment.

Another thing, as for the Cheltenham racing festival that went on this week in England, I’m absolutely baffled and stunned by all the Irish and English people involved in organizing it who still let it go ahead.

Crazy stuff, really.

There’s far more important things than money at times like this.

It is unfortunate it takes times like this to make some folks understand that the hard way.

Moving forward, in terms of our own sport, boxing writer Michael Benson (hat tip) has given an update on boxing events affected by the crisis so far:

Terrible times really at the moment.

One would hope world communities can get a grip on this dangerous disease that has already infected many well known celebrities, actors, businessmen and government officials alike around the world.

No one is immune.

It’s not clear how long this thing will last for but it could certainly stop a lot of boxing shows taking place over the coming months unfortunately.

Once again, the best thing to do at this time is to help one another out as best we all can, don’t panic or give way to fear, do the recommended things per the CDC and WHO websites and help one another during a very dark time for humanity at the moment.

On a slightly more positive note, though, for the boxing nuts out there, plenty of time to catch up on old classic fights at home!

We’ll be on here more regularly over the coming days and weeks ahead.