Two of boxing’s iconic warriors ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson and ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard have sat down and kicked it in a conversation online which can perhaps only be summarized as exemplary.

A real credit to both men and indeed the sport of boxing in a chat where they chopped it up about all things boxing and life.

Tyson’s podcast had gone on hiatus in recent months from YouTube but alas, thankfully, people have seemed to have seen sense now and realized this gem of a podcast is much better for folks to digest via video content.

Tyson’s been batting the guests out of the park in the podcast world since his new venture but this one perhaps takes the biscuit so far.

Genius stuff by all involved here.

Big respect enjoy this:


Fair play, gents.

No doubt Tyson will find himself contending soon for one of the best podcast owners on Earth.

The standard and quality of the content continues to increase incrementally show to show.

Nice to see the distribution strategy making sense again also.

Roll on the next episode.

Bring it on.

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