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Boxing World Pays Tribute To Muhammad Ali On His 78th Birthday

It’s hard to believe that Muhammad Ali would have been 78 this week if he was still around but alas, although ‘The Greatest’ may not be still with us in body any more, his spirit lives on.

His legacy transcends the sport of boxing as indeed one of humanity’s greatest people who stood for causes greater than himself and his cause.

Perhaps, if us humans do have a purpose and meaning in life, when it is excelled and personified among the special ones among us like Ali, the purpose proves, in the end, to be for the benefit of the world as well as ourselves.

The lessons Ali has left with us still can teach us so much today as a society in all nations around the world.

Even in the crazy old world we now live in today in 2020.

As a boxer he’ll never be forgotten either.

No way no how.

Here’s what some of the boxing world has been saying this week on his 78th birthday:

Rest in peace ‘The Greatest’.

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