Gervonta Davis Reveals Expected 2020 Net Worth

Gervonta Davis Reveals Expected 2020 Net Worth

Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis is quickly becoming a real star in boxing.

Certainly in the States and soon internationally, no doubt about it.

2020 however could prove to be the real year that he breaks out in terms of being a huge star but to do so he’ll need some meaningful fights against top tier competition.

By all accounts he wants the fights too.

That’s the thing about fighters, they always do.

They need to be protected from themselves in many cases.

Many of them would jump in there with a lion if the price is right.

Davis revealed the following meeting with his manager and adviser Al Haymon:

‘Tevin’ above referring too of course a long awaited showdown with his rival Tevin Farmer.

He went on to reveal what he expects his net worth to be this year:

Wow, a big figure there for sure.

He’ll certainly have to land some big fights to reach that goal but don’t rule it out just yet.

Time will tell.

As things stand at the start of 2020, overall, the year promises to be a huge year for Davis but if there is to be a constructive criticism made — I’d like to see him keep his weight down a little more in between fights this year.

If he gets a big fight he’ll need to stay ready at the end of the day.