Manny Pacquiao Reacts To Conor McGregor Beating Donald Cerrone

UFC fight star and one time professional boxer Conor McGregor returned to winning ways in the UFC this weekend with a quick stoppage win over Donald Cerrone inside of 40 seconds.

Going into the bout the Irishman mentioned that one of his goals from here on out was to become a boxing world champion one day.

Perhaps a lofty goal in fairness.

Even for someone as talented and driven as McGregor.

Professional boxing and UFC are two completely separate sports and to become a world champion, or even attempt it, would mean McGregor would need to take some extensive time out from his mixed martial arts career.

That said, his boss and UFC President Dana White has intimated in the past that he intends to get into boxing so perhaps McGregor could be used as one of his first major clients to do so.

Following McGregor’s win last night here is what one Manny Pacquiao had to say:

Pacquiao and McGregor have been linked consistently in recent weeks with a potential future boxing showdown.

Pacquiao is currently a world champion in the sport of boxing so it would provide McGregor with an opportunity to fulfill one of his remaining career goals in that regard.

Whether or not he’d be able to just jump straight in and get a title shot is debatable though.

That said, money talks and I’m sure allowances would be made from the relevant parties involved in any such event

The notoriety McGregor would bring to the boxing world again would not be turned down at the end of the day.