Many Are Saying The Same About First Errol Spence Interview Since Crash

First Errol Spence Interview

The First Errol Spence interview since his crash has dropped and it has made me think about a few things.

You know, as we sit here on Christmas eve today, I think it would be remiss not to mention a few matters in the sport this year.

Someone that comes to mind straight away is young American boxer Patrick Day who tragically lost his life in the ring this year.

A promising young fighter and an excellent young man from New York.

Rest easy, champ.

Another thing that comes to mind is that although these elite warriors who entertain us, the masses, appear invincible — they are far from it.

It is important to note that they are only human.

One of the best fighters on the planet, pound for pound rated Texas native and IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence’s year illustrated as much.

One minute he was the king of the world and had chalked in another defense of his belt following an excellent battle with Shawn Porter.

The next he could have been dead.

The fragility of life is crazy when you really think about it.

Anyone who has been through an experience in life where you’ve nearly died and come within a whisker of losing your life would surely tell you the same.

A very spiritual, out of body experience.

Almost impossible to put into words or any form of human comprehension.

Errol’s horrific car crash where he went through the front windscreen face first of his Ferrari and lived to tell the tale, without much injury, shows you just how scarce life really is.

A gift.

He did his first interview since the crash this year with Brian Kenny of Fox at the weekend.

Someone who shall we say — has his own particular style of interviewing.

I thought Kenny could have went a little easier on Errol all things considering.

First Errol Spence interview since accident:

Many fans have been commenting with concern and how Spence came across:

After watching the first Errol Spence interview since his crash I think it is important to mention however that the above could be for a number of reasons.

Errol could simply be taking medication or perhaps had some dental work done following the accident.

One thing I like about Errol Spence is that he is a very even keel guy. Very middle of the road.

All human beings are emotional creatures by default but for a young athlete like Spence — it’s always impressed me how he never gets too excited, upset or angry.

An ability perhaps most of us don’t master until at least our thirties.

So, if he’s saying he’s planning a comeback as early as next summer — it would only be done so after due diligence and careful planning with his loved ones and team.

If there is a Christmas wish/fight that fans would love to see before the end of 2020 no doubt Spence and Terence Crawford is a bout on many boxing fans’ Christmas lists this year.

Ya never know what the future holds.